Romantic Dining Possibilities Abound

We make almost everything from scratch: delicious jams, breads, pastries, yoghurts, and even source our honey from Berber mountain villages. We buy our produce from organic producers wherever possible. Organic comes naturally, and we cook with the rhythms of the seasons. Our menu changes daily according to what is fresh and at its seasonal best.

Dining options abound, including private dining in our romantic dining room, several cozy corners, the majestic courtyard, or even our sister hotel Dar Anika. With a professional chef, two dadas (traditional women cooks), and a pastry chef, we are able to offer a range of truly magical dishes.

Discover some of Morocco's most famous dishes that you are unlikely to find anywhere else, such as our very special (and guest favourite!) lamb shoulder, a signature dish of our Chef. Slow cooked over the course of the day and infused with flavours of fruit and Moroccan spices, it must be ordered ahead of time but it is a dish which deserves the wait for sure.  You might also delight in the succulent, traditional Marrakech dish, Tangia, a slow-cooked beef that is meltingly tender, having cooked overnight in the coals of the hammam fire.

We of course offer all the Moroccan staples such as Tagines of all flavours, Cous Cous with a Kaiss Twist, and even Camel Tagine for our most adventerous guests!