Day trip to Essaouria

Departure in the morning at 08:30 am, in the direction of Chichaoua, and stop at Sidi Al Mokhtar before arriving at Essaouira. It’ s a harbour city, located on the Atlantic Coast, 180km away from Marrakesh, and which contains  approximately 70 000 inhabitants. Essaouira is also famous for the practice of windsurfing and kite surfing, thanks to the powerful winds which blow almost constantly in the bay. The seaside of Essaouira is of a delicious beauty. All around, we can see numerous fields of argan trees. It is the opportunity for tourists to see and appreciate the argan oil, unique in this region and nowhere else. Ramparts around the city and especially next to the port testify of the period of the Portuguese sailors. Squala is a unique site where the tourist discovers a few minutes walking away from the square, authentic cafés for Gnaoua music lovers. From this place we can cross the streets of the medina (classified in the UNESCO world heritage), and appreciate the Souiri craft. We can also discover the fish market and spices market which are always worth seeing. The city is known for its multiple crafts stores, (the work of the wood of thuja, marquetry, leather, and copper), but also for its painting galleries.

Return to Marrakesh at around 7:30 pm.